Elon Musk and His Band of Free-Speech Tweeters

Greg Stevens

ELON MUSK@elonmusk
This is a struggle for the future of civilization. If free of charge speech is lost even in The us, tyranny is all that lies in advance.

Twitter, November 28, 2022.

I am so Offended about anything I can barely end my sandwich or my James Patterson paperback simply because of HUNTER BIDEN’S Notebook

Mariah in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Working day parade: no terms. Only inspiring, incandescent lip-synching and I never treatment anymore that my boyfriend dumped me

Why is not anybody mentioning how handsome Elon is when he’s selflessly helping this country it’s like if George Washington and James Bond experienced a child and homeschooled it

Until finally Mothers are offered longer naps and backed boy or girl care my mug will say Vote Like a Mom and I will submit TikToks in which I dance with two other Moms to Harry Models simply because Moms Received It Mommin’ On, I have trademarked this

Nowadays my 3-month-previous produced a spit bubble and I imagined, fuck my occupation in finance this is what matters. JK but would like a guide deal does any one have Ryan Reynolds’ speak to, he’d be perfect as me, I’m not the only a person who claims this

Why is everyone so LAZY and ENTITLED in particular young libs it tends to make me so indignant I want a congressional investigation into Hillary hiding Hunter Biden’s notebook in her NPR TOTEBAG which is a lib ASSAULT WEAPON

Elon gives and gives and no one ever many thanks him or names their kids Elon even when the little one could be his

Why just cannot men and women read the Structure and keep away from my parking area and the Television Tutorial with Yellowstone on the deal with I accidentally still left at the post business office, of course I obtain stamps like a male

What if we all just believed about climate transform when sharing photographs of meadows as an alternative of calling me names like FlowerButt and You Fool

China is getting our positions and observing us as a result of our Apple products and solutions do not say anything around your blender just pretend you’re good LIKE THE LOSER YOU ARE

Pondering: is Twitter like Medicare bc it is anything my Nana does LOL other than only Nana even now takes advantage of LOL

WHY Are not WE Talking ABOUT FLORENCE HENDERSON’S Phase Vocation

Message to the incredibly hot dude with the backpack and system odor performing upcoming to me in Bushwick community garden: I was the hottie in Crocs and the crop leading created from overlooked subpoenas you asked me if I was into fanfic in which Chamalet utilizes crypto I can still odor you I am waiting around around the compost

Margot demands to enjoy more lawyers and experts perhaps with disabilities, I will get her that Oscar if she will pay attention

I will power-wash your patio furniture and paint your visitor bed room if you will communicate to me and not connect with me Alice

Showered, took the puppy dog to the park, named my Mom, experienced a bagel, life is fantastic Except You are HUNTER BIDEN’S Laptop FOOLED YOU AVOCADO BUTTHURT LIB

I’m not right here to result in difficulties but please understand the difference involving they are, their, and there prior to the nurse receives listed here with my meds ASSHOLE

The Twitterverse will be a golden land of flexibility if all people will just give Elon a possibility and all your income ARE YOU LISTENING TIM NOT-AS-Rich-AS-ELON Cook dinner. Blue checks will expense additional bc they are produced from Elon’s tears

I despise men and women who are divisive, spreading misinformation and hate. What if we forget our distinctions? And if you disagree I hear you and respect you, and I hope you get run down by a truck stuffed with compassion and guns ♦

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