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Greg Stevens

An interesting and hardy perennial native grass of Texas is Chasmanthium latifolium (pronounced Kaz-Gentleman-thee-um lah-teh-FOLE-ee-um) or inland sea oats. It is named by a number of prevalent names: Indian wood oats, river oats, wooden oats, wild oats and northern sea oats.

This plant is a clumping and upright member of the Poaceae (grass) loved ones. It has rigid, wiry, 2 to 4 ft stems that are topped with arching stalks with a dozen or so dangling florets or seed heads. The bouquets are insignificant, but the seed heads that follow are very attractive and flutter gracefully in the slightest breeze.

Bouquets bloom from June to Oct and are wind pollinated. Leaves are extended-long lasting, alternating, very simple, linear in condition and about 6 inches in length. The leaves will convert brown/copper or golden yellow in tumble.

At this time of the yr the seed heads are pale green but will flip to a mild golden ivory as fall approaches. It has a extremely remarkable display screen of huge, oak-like spikes that arch on the extensive, inexperienced, lush, blades of the leaves. In a few of references, it is described as “like a dwarf bamboo.”

Inland sea oats re-seeds by itself extremely simply and spreads by roots and rhizomes. It can become intense if planted in a shady moist space in your landscape. Cutting the seed heads off in advance of they experienced and tumble to the soil will assistance handle their spreading. They do incredibly well in patio pots which will help to keep them confined.

In generally dryer pieces of the condition, inland sea oats like to mature near water and is a single of the handful of grasses that require shade. It can improve in full-shade to total solar. If grown in partial shade, the blades of grass will have a darker green color.

In our place they generally do ideal with at least some sunshine or dappled shade. They can tolerate morning sunlight if they are shaded afterwards in the day.

Use them in place of ferns in the landscape as they stay green and lush until late tumble. They make pleasant inexperienced borders for yard ponds and paths. The seed stems function quite effectively in dried flower preparations and are lengthy long lasting.

Since they make a pretty matted root and rhizome program, specially in badly drained loam, inland sea oats are superb for erosion avoidance on muddy or sandy embankments.

This grass is a host plant for many larval butterflies and a foods resource for birds. It is also deer resistant, nevertheless, in this article in Texas we know that deer will try to eat just about anything at all if they are definitely hungry.

Inland sea oats easily adapt to pretty much any variety of soil and just one properly-established they can tolerate minimal drinking water availability. They are regarded to have a rapid progress charge. They improve in clumps of one to two feet huge and 2 to 4 feet tall.

The vegetation turn into dormant in wintertime and, if they are looking a little bit shabby, can be lower back again to about 4 inches in February. New growth begins in March. If they are obtaining too tall for their location in your landscape, they can be minimize back before they bloom.

I knew quite very little about this decorative grass right before studying it for this write-up. I am now extremely fascinated in incorporating inland sea oats to my landscape. It will refresh the location all-around my pond giving it a new glance.

If you want to see inland sea oats expanding here in Victoria, there is a wonderful bunch of it in the xeriscape segment of the Victoria Instructional Gardens (VEG) at the Victoria Regional Airport. The VEG is open up to guests every day from dawn to dusk.é

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