avoid these floorplan flaws |

Greg Stevens

Whole house layout mistakes are unsurprisingly common, but you may not be entirely aware that you are making them. Your space could be beautifully decorated, but unless you give the layout the proper consideration it deserves, its design just won’t look or feel right. Mastering the art of a good […]

get the timing right |

Greg Stevens

Q: I have not long ago purchased a new hummingbird feeder to attract these rather birds to my backyard – when is the finest time to dangle it up? A: Just after overwintering in the hotter climes of Central The usa or Mexico, hummingbirds vacation north. They face a lot […]

10 looks for a private outdoor oasis |

Greg Stevens

Our patios are extensions of our indoor living space, so they need to be as relaxing and as comfortable as possible. And a big aspect of this is making them feel private, so we can enjoy them uninterrupted by prying eyes from nosy neighbors. No matter your budget or the […]

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