Does Mich follow her dreams?

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The Most Lovely Flower is a Mexican collection about a woman named Mich who would like to develop into well known in large school but is compelled to decide concerning her desires and spouse and children tradition. The sequence is now streaming on Netflix.

Warning: This write-up incorporates significant spoilers

Plot summary

Michelle or Mich is a higher schooler who goals of being well-liked and sitting down at the fountain in her college exactly where all the neat children sit. Her greatest good friends Yadi and Tania check out to talk her out of this foolish aspiration and explain to her that she’s wonderful as she is and does not will need to search for it out.

Mich has been courting Dani, the most common boy in college, but it has all been in key and when she talks about revealing it to absolutely everyone else he’s hesitant.

Mich’s cousin Brenda is one of the common youngsters but she pretends like she doesn’t know Mich even however they are associated. Mich is invisible in faculty as aside from her close friends, no just one else acknowledges her at faculty.

Mich will get mad at Dani for treating her like a dirty secret and finishes their romance but he states that he enjoys her and attempts to acquire her back again.

Meanwhile, she satisfies Mati, who is Mrs Elda’s grandson and also a DJ who does a handful of community events. Mich is quite fantastic at singing and needs to sing at a wedding day someday. Mati claims he can support her obtain that.

When the cool little ones host a fundraiser for the “Most Beautiful Flower” pageant, Mich sneaks in and wins around everybody with her singing. Brenda notices that Mich likes Mati so she techniques him to make Mich jealous.

Mich’s mother and grandmother each received the pageant and it is a relatives custom which they want her to carry on but Mich is additional fascinated in starring in the school engage in which is an adaptation of “Alice in Wonderland” titled “Alice in Xochiland”.

Brenda and Mati start courting. Mich struggles amongst her inner thoughts for Mati and Dani who is nonetheless accomplishing his best to let her know that he loves her. A new female named Majo joins their faculty and Mati receives along with her properly.

Brenda tries to retain her popularity in college but her property existence is not so fantastic as her mom is unreliable and her father does not dwell with them. She’s consistently juggling her college daily life with the duties of becoming an adult.

Mich starts shelling out a lot more time with Majo and sooner or later finds out that Majo is bisexual. She feels some attraction to Majo but is not totally sure about it. When she tells her mother that she could be into girls, her mom tells her to hold it a top secret.

With Mich so focused on almost everything in her very own daily life, she doesn’t give a great deal of importance to Tania and Yadi and they minimize her off for being rude and abusing their friendship.

With all the force of staying Alice or having element in the Flower pageant, and not obtaining anyone supporting her, Mich operates away from dwelling and asks Mati to drive her to a conference in which her father is talking.

Mich’s mothers and fathers are divorced and her father does not know her far too properly but she even now hopes that they can connect someway. She has these types of a good time with Mati and they kiss at a time when Mati and Brenda are on a break mainly because she was paranoid about his friendship with Mich.

Mich is the 5th understudy to Brenda in the role of Alice and Brenda starts obtaining rid of the many others to hog the spotlight but Mich manages to stay on until the stop.

The day arrives for the premiere of Alice in Xochiland and the pageant and Mich has a large final decision to make.

The Most Gorgeous Flower ending spelled out:

Does Mich select Dani, Mati or Majo?

Mich thinks that she is in adore with Mati simply because she cannot end imagining about their kiss. She has identical emotions for Majo due to the fact of the time they spend jointly but she does not think Majo feels the exact.

She would make up with Dani and starts relationship him irrespective of her intricate feelings. She doesn’t want to harm anybody’s feelings but she doesn’t know what to do about it.

Tania and Yadi inform her that she can be on her possess if she desires to. She eventually keeps absolutely everyone hanging and doesn’t explicitly pick 1 person even although she has advised all of them how she feels about them.

What takes place at the premiere?

Mich keeps impressing at the auditions and with the other understudies eradicated by Brenda, she is competing with her cousin. She’s joyful with getting the opportunity to execute two times but Brenda does not want her to carry out at all.

She posts a video clip on her social media revealing that Mich is her cousin. This turns Mich into a well-liked lady overnight and Brenda tells her that she can have this fame that she constantly required as long as she quits the perform.

When Mich refuses to quit, Brenda posts a video claiming that she was hacked and she is not associated to Mich. She asks all her followers to cancel Mich simply because she was the one particular who hacked Brenda.

Brenda doesn’t clearly show up for the premiere and Mich gets the opportunity to open the present. Nonetheless, everyone starts to boo her due to the fact of Brenda’s article. She goes again within and commences to cry but with some encouragement from Tania and Yadi, she comes back again out and gives an amazing performance.

What about the pageant?

Whilst Brenda is recording her video clip, another person tells her about Mich and Mati’s kiss and she ends the recording. She goes to Mati to ensure and he says that it is legitimate. Which is why she does not present up for the premiere.

Immediately after her wonderful overall performance. Mich goes back house to tell her household how properly it went. Her mother and grandmother notify her that Brenda will be keeping with them for a though.

Mich claims that she’s modified her intellect about the pageant and desires to attend but they say it’s not needed and Mich sees Brenda in the classic dress. She says that she’s taking component to go on the family custom that Mich initially did not treatment about.

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