Top 10 design stories of 2022: Wallpaper* year in review

Greg Stevens

Wallpaper* design editor Rosa Bertoli selects her top 10 design stories of 2022, a year that saw design weeks and events return to the global scene. From exclusive design interviews to new spaces and life-enhancing projects, these are the moments in design that excited us this past year. Scroll down to read more (in no particular order). 


1. 2023 horoscopes by Studiopepe

Star signs designed by Studiopepe, taurus and scorpio

(Image credit: Artwork: Arianna Capelli/Studiopepe)

‘Star signs are a small slice of knowledge of yourself and the world. We are fascinated by this mysterious element of life, but also by the fact that it is something that connects everything,’ Studiopepe’s Chiara di Pinto and Arianna Lelli Mami told us when we discussed horoscopes and the zodiac. To write their 2023 horoscope for Wallpaper*, they looked at the peculiarities of renowned designers from the 19th and 20th centuries, using some of their most famous quotes as the starting point for reflecting on their respective star signs. Among their discoveries: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was an Aries (‘only an Aries could have come up with “less is more”’), Verner Panton an Aquarius (‘case in point, he was fluid, a visionary, eccentric’), Charlotte Perriand a Sagittarius (‘a sign of discovery, adventure’). A Virgo, Ettore Sottsass perfectly embodied a star sign keen for order in the everyday: ‘[his wife] Barbara Radice used to say he had so much chaos inside him that he had to have things in perfect order. It makes you look at the geometry in his work with fresh eyes,’ says Di Pinto. ‘It’s been interesting to look at design from a more astrological perspective. You get a more intimate view of these legends of design.’ 

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