The Most Beautiful Flower: 5 Ways The Netflix Series Shows Latina Representation Beautifully

Greg Stevens

When it arrives to some of the best shows out there that offer you authentic Latina representation, I can feel of a honest several. There are some great exhibits on Netflix that do that, some of which are worldwide displays from other nations and other people that are produced in the United States. There are even flicks that do it so effectively, ones I have identified myself returning to in excess of and in excess of once more as I’ve gotten older. But, a short while ago, there’s a new clearly show that I have loved to watch, and it’s called The Most Attractive Flower. 

Dependent on the existence of Mexican comic Michelle Rodriguez, the story follows Mich, a young Latina female who appreciates she’s magnificent, and yet, it feels like the earth about her doesn’t. In all my several years of making an attempt to locate superior representation, I truly feel like very little has come as shut as it does in this show – and that is something I have to have to converse about. Listed here are my factors why. 

The star of The Most Beautiful Flower.

(Picture credit rating: Netflix)

It’s Not Scared To Display The Distinct Physique Sorts In Latinas 

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