Stop these tiny pests from damaging roses, flower garden

Greg Stevens
This leaf was damaged by thrips.

Q: I have numerous roses in my property, some that I decide on to carry indoors.

All the roses with the white and pink blossoms hold obtaining brown steaks in the bouquets, building them look like they are diseased. Can you convey to me what is incorrect with my roses?

A: The brown streaks are most possible triggered by tiny insects named thrips. These small insect are particularly captivated to white, yellow and pale blue hues these types of as your pink and white roses. Thrips are pretty small and identification usually requires a magnifying lens to see them. Their harm typically appears as scarred or distorted leaves, and discolored, streaked or scarred bouquets and fruit. The hurt can vary broadly depending on the host plant and its phase of growth when the thrips ruined the plant mobile.

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