How Agapanthus can benefit your garden

Greg Stevens

Agapanthus is as blue as a Sydney summer season sky and just as reputable (give or consider a la Nina yr). But this outdated backyard standby has a dim side: it is on the weed enjoy record in NSW, the place it has by now invaded bushland in the Blue Mountains Countrywide Park and proven itself, uninvited, on creek financial institutions by way of Sydney’s suburbs.

Agapanthus reigns supreme in a range of difficult roles, including stabilising steep banks and offering a low-care, low-water option up driveways, along fences and in pots.

Agapanthus reigns supreme in a variety of difficult roles, like stabilising steep financial institutions and giving a lower-care, reduced-h2o choice up driveways, along fences and in pots.Credit history:iStock

There are two theories for its advance. Mature seeds can be washed into stormwater drains, and from there make their way into creeks and waterways. More egregiously, undesirable clumps have been dug out of gardens and dumped in bushland.

So it is the conduct of people alternatively than agapanthus alone, which causes the trouble. The remedy is dead basic: never dump yard squander reduce off the flower heads off agapanthus when the bouquets are finished and well right before the seed matures and opt for contemporary a lot less-fertile cultivars rather than the aged blue or white species.

Agapanthus is a South African indigenous, which was growing in Europe by the middle of the 17th century, obtaining journeyed on the ships of the United Dutch East India Corporation. At that time it was named an African hyacinth and it did not consider on its current identify until the late 18th century when the director of the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, marvelled at the astonishing ball of flower, arrived at for his Greek dictionary and made the decision on “agape” which means really like and “anthus” meaning flower.

Australian colonial gardeners were being early adopters of the “love flower” and by 1883, 3 kinds of agapanthus had been being cultivated in the Melbourne Botanic Gardens. Backyard writer Mrs Rolf Boldrewood described agapanthus “making showy plants in the open borders” in her 1893 publication The Flower Backyard garden in Australia: a book for girls and amateurs.

Wildly well-known by the close of the 20th century, aggies are now looked down upon as common, but familiarity shouldn’t breed contempt. Agapanthus reigns supreme in a range of complicated roles, together with stabilising steep financial institutions and offering a minimal-treatment, reduced-water possibility up driveways, along fences and in pots. Its big globes of bouquets herald summer season and fill vases at Christmas time.


The previous favourite confirmed a new benefit in the course of the horrible bushfires of 2020. Gardeners seen that a mass planting of aggies stalled the advance of grass fire. The vital is the sticky sustenance in leaves and stem identified as mucilage. The mucilage of some crops is great for therapeutic – like that of aloe vera for instance – but agapanthus mucilage is the reverse, and can induce pores and skin and eye discomfort.

On the upside all mucilage is comprehensive of water and functions as a fireplace retardant. This influence is in particular handy when agapanthus are mass planted, and utilized in conjunction with other hearth-secure planting decisions.

As we reshape our gardens to adapt to local climate change, agapanthus, with its drought-hardy, pest-resistant nature, could possibly make it out of the sin bin and back again into favour as the flower of really like – as extensive as we all slice the dead heads off.

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