Full list (and pictures) of all 50 state flowers

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There are a lot of means to show point out pleasure. 

From knowing the nicknames and mottos or birds and dinosaurs, or even flying your own state’s flag, there are several ways to demonstrate state pleasure. Though there may possibly be hundreds of distinct visuals connected with the 50 states, handful of are as gorgeous as the point out flower.

This is a rundown of the 50 official condition bouquets in the U.S., from Alabama to Wyoming, as perfectly as Washington D.C.

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All 50 state flowers, as well as the District of Columbia

Alabama: Camellia

The camellia is Alabama’s state flower. 

The Camellia is Alabama’s state flower.

AlaskaAlpine forget about-me-not

The Alpine fail to remember-me-not is Alaska’s condition flower. 

The Alpine forget-me-not is  Alaska's state flower.

Arizona: Saguaro cactus blossom

The Saguaro cactus blossom is Arizona’s point out flower. 

The Saguaro cactus blossom, the state flower of Arizona.

Arkansas: Apple blossom

The apple blossom is Arkansas’ condition flower. 

The apple blossom is Arkansas' state flower.

California: California poppy

The California poppy is California’s state flower. 

The California poppy is California's state flower.

Colorado: Colorado blue columbine

The Colorado blue columbine is Colorado’s condition flower. 

The Colorado state flower, the Rocky Mountain columbine, is native to the Rocky Mountains.

Connecticut: Mountain laurel

The mountain laurel is Connecticut’s condition flower. 

The Mountain-laurel, or Kalmia latifolia, is an evergreen shrub and the state flower to both Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

Delaware: Peach blossom

The peach blossom is Delaware’s state flower. 

Most people think of Georgia when it comes to peaches, but the peach blossom is actually the state flower of Delaware. And while the fruit is bright yellow and orange, the flowers are pink.

District of Columbia: American attractiveness rose 

The American elegance rose is Washington D.C.’s flower. 

The American beauty rose is Washington D.C.'s flower.

Florida: Orange blossom

The orange blossom is Florida’s condition flower. 

The orange blossom is Florida's state flower.

Georgia: Cherokee rose

The Cherokee rose is Georgia’s condition flower. 

Commonly associated with the Trail of Tears, which represents the forced relocation of Native Americans, the Cherokee rose is also the state flower of Georgia.

Hawaii: Yellow hibiscus

The yellow hibiscus is Hawaii’s point out flower. 

The yellow Hawaiian hibiscus is a fitting flower for the island state. Bright and cheery, it will put a smile on anyone’s face (especially if they are in Hawaii.)

Idaho: Syringa 

The syringa is Idaho’s state flower. 

It’s possible you haven’t heard of Idaho’s official state flower, the syringa. It is a shrub with clusters of small white flowers. The plant’s claim to fame is its discovery by Meriwether Lewis of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Illinois: Violet

The violet is Illinois’ point out flower. 

Violets are a popular state flower and represent Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Wisconsin.

Indiana: Peony

The peony is Indiana’s state flower. 

Here’s a peony for your thoughts: Indiana has great taste in flowers.

Iowa: Wild praire rose

The wild prairie rose is Iowa’s condition flower. 

Iowa and North Dakota share a state flower, the wild prairie rose, which is smaller and has less petals than the more common species of rose. It is also grown to be ornamental, but can generally be found in gardens and yards instead of in vases.

Kansas: Sunflower

The sunflower is Kansas’ state flower. 

Can you think of a happier flower than a sunflower? They’re grown for their oils, seeds, and for their aesthetic pleasantness. They are also the state flower of Kansas.

Kentucky: Goldenrod

The goldenrod is Kentucky’s state flower. 

The state flower of Kentucky and Nebraska is the goldenrod. It’s a part of the sunflower family and shares a similar bright color to its more common known cousin.

Louisiana: Magnolia

The magnolia is Louisiana’s point out flower. 

The magnolia is Louisiana's state flower.

Maine: White pine cone and tassel

The white pine cone and tassel is Maine’s state flower. 

Pinus strobus

Maryland: Black-Eyed Susan

The black-eyed susan is Maryland’s point out flower. 

The Black-Eyed Susan is a much cuter flower than its name suggest. From the sunflower family, it is bright and gold, with a large black center (hence, black-eye).

Massachusetts: Mayflower

The mayflower is Massachusetts’ condition flower. 

The mayflower isn't just a ship that landed in Massachusetts. It's also the official state flower.

Michigan: Apple Blossom

The apple blossom is Michigan’s state flower. 

The apple blossom is the floral representative of Arkansas and Michigan. It is really a general term for the bloom of any plant in the Malus genus, including apples.

Minnesota: Pink and white lady’s slipper

The pink and white lady’s slipper is Minnesota’s state flower. 

Minnesota’s state flower is a rare type of orchid referred to as a Pink and white lady’s slipper. It was protected by state law in 1925. They are illegal to pick in Minnesota.

Mississippi: Magnolia 

The magnolia is Mississippi’s state flower.

The magnolia is Mississippi's state flower.

Missouri: Hawthorn blossom

The hawthorn blossom is Missouri’s state flower.

The white hawthorn became the official state flower of Missouri in 1923. The state has more than 75 species of the flower, which also produce small, apple-like fruit.

Montana: Bitteroot

The bitterroot is Montana’s state flower. 

The Bitterroot might not have a pleasant-sounding name, but it’s a sweet little plant, with flowers ranging from lavender to light pink in color.

Nebraska: Goldenrod

The goldenrod is Nebraska’s point out flower. 

The state flower of Kentucky and Nebraska is the goldenrod. It’s a part of the sunflower family and shares a similar bright color to its more common known cousin.

Nevada: Sagebrush

The sagebrush is Nevada’s condition flower. 

The sagebrush is a fitting symbol for Nevada, a state with vast desert land. The bush plant was also used by Native Americans for medicine and weaving mats.

New Hampshire: Purple lilac

The purple lilac is New Hampshire’s condition flower. 

Lilacs are popular ornamental flowers and were chosen as the New Hampshire state flower because the bush of a lilac can live for hundreds of years.

New Jersey: Violet

The violet is New Jersey’s condition flower. 

Roses are red, violets are blue … we all know how it goes. But really, they’re more purple, right? Violets are a popular state flower and represent Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Wisconsin.

New Mexico: Yucca flower

The yucca flower is New Mexico’s point out flower. 

The state flower of New Mexico is the yucca. It is a plant that is native to hotter and drier climates. It was selected as the state symbol in 1923 by schoolchildren.

New York: Rose

The rose is New York’s condition flower. 

New York’s state flower is the rose. A symbol of love and also the United States’ national flower, the rose has many special designations.

North Carolina: Flowering dogwood

The flowering dogwood is North Carolina’s state flower. 

North Carolina’s state flower, the flowering dogwood, is a popular ornamental tree for landscaping. In Ontario, the plant is considered endangered.

North Dakota: Wild prairie rose

The wild prairie rose is North Dakota’s point out flower. 

The wild prairie rose is North Dakota's state flower.

Ohio: Purple carnation

The pink carnation is Ohio’s state flower.  

The red carnation is Ohio's state flower.

Oklahoma: Oklahoma rose

The Oklahoma rose is Oklahoma’s condition flower. 

Oklahoma rose.

Oregon: Oregon grape

The Oregon grape is Oregon’s point out flower.

In 1899, the Oregon grape was designated as the state flower. The fruit of an Oregon grape is tart and bitter and can be used to make jam.

Pennsylvania: Mountain laurel

The mountain laurel is Pennsylvania’s condition flower. 

The mountain-laurel, or Kalmia latifolia, is an evergreen shrub and the state flower to both Connecticut and Pennsylvania. It is also poisonous to many animals, including humans. It is known for its beautiful star shape.

Rhode Island: Violet

The violet is Rhode Island’s condition flower. 

The violet is Rhode Island's state flower.

South Carolina: Yellow jessamine 

The yellow jessamine is South Carolina’s point out flower. 

The yellow jessamine was chosen as the South Carolina state flower because of its beauty and fragrance. It is also featured on the South Carolina state quarter.

South Dakota: Pasque flower

The pasque flower is South Dakota’s condition flower. 

In 1903, the pasque flower became the South Dakota state flower. It is a prairie flower that grows wild throughout the state. It is known for its early spring bloom and deep lavender color.

Tennessee: Iris

The iris is Tennessee’s state flower. 

Tennessee designated the iris as their flower in 1933. While the flower grows in many colors, it is the purple variety recognized by Tennessee.

Texas: Bluebonnet

The bluebonnet is Texas’ condition flower. 

The bluebonnet, the state flower of Texas, is a grassland prairie flower. It is named for it’s blue color and bonnet-like shape.

Utah: Sego lily

The sego lily is Utah’s point out flower. 

In Utah during 1800s, the sego lily’s root was eaten during a plague of crop-eating crickets. For that reason, and for it’s beauty, it was chosen as the state’s floral symbol.

Vermont: Purple clover

The purple clover is Vermont’s state flower. 

The red clover became the Vermont state flower in 1894. It’s a beautiful pink flower with an unfortunate short life.

Virginia: Flowering dogwood

The flowering dogwood is Virginia’s condition flower. 

The flowering dogwood is Virginia's state flower.

Washington: Pacific rhododendron

The Pacific rhododendron is Washington’s point out flower. 

While other species of rhododendrons are popular for landscaping, the coast variety is more scraggly and harder to grow.

West Virginia: Rhododendron

The rhododendron is West Virginia’s point out flower. 

The rhododendron is the state flower of West Virginia.

Wisconsin: Wooden violet

The wooden violet is Wisconsin’s state flower. 

The wood violet is Wisconsin's state flower.

Wyoming:  Indian paintbrush

The Indian paintbrush is Wyoming’s state flower. 

Another name for Wyoming’s state flower, the Indian paintbrush, is prarie fire, with it’s bright orange petals that stand thin and tall.
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