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Inspiring home decoration ideas for the festive season

By Reenu Mohiindrra

Published: Thu 13 Apr 2023, 9:50 PM

The tradition of decorating one’s home with dazzling lights and other decorations during a festival dates back to the beginning of the celebrations. Shopping and decorating the house during a festival is something everyone enjoys — whether they are children or elderly people.

For Muslims, Eid is a significant day, not only because of its cultural and religious significance but also because of the joy it brings. Treats, presents and, most importantly, the ritual of sharing joy and love add to the excitement. On this holy day, it is customary to visit your relatives’ homes and exchange blessings and gifts. As you will be visited by friends and family, you should try out different design ideas to enhance the beauty and ambience of your home to fit the occasion. Here are 12 ideas for decorating your home for the joyous occasion of Eid.

1) Beautiful carpet to dress up your floor

During festivals, we try to make our houses as festive as possible. We prefer to focus on the walls, doors and objects at eye level. To create a celebratory atmosphere, your floor decor is equally important. Install a lovely carpet in your living room and witness how it transforms the aesthetic of your home. Pashmina wool’s beautiful motifs, tiny knots and softness will give your living space a soothing atmosphere and make it seem captivating and calm.

2) A simple wreath and banners for your walls

Nothing is more beautiful than an Eid Mubarak wreath or banner. They can be displayed on the walls of your living room, entryway or prayer rooms. These will quickly liven up your environment and give it a festive feel. There are several possibilities accessible on the Internet, or you may just construct one at home. Combine it with fairy lights or glitter and you’re ready to go. You may also hang them in front of your door to greet visitors.

3) Fill the house with light

Without proper illumination, Eid decorations are incomplete. This celebration provides joy to people’s lives. So use strings of lights to brighten up your space. There are many different types of lights available in the market, such as spinning bulbs, LED strings, and so on. The lighting will create an atmosphere and a sense of excitement for the festival.

4) Pretty prayer corner as part of Eid decoration ideas

Having a dedicated praying corner as part of Eid decoration helps guests pray peacefully. While Eid is all about feasting and celebrating, you cannot forget to pray that day. Many people enjoy having a dedicated praying corner when they visit their friends and family during this festival. You can dedicate a room or a small corner of the living room for prayers as part of the Eid decorations. This will help people pray without disturbance.

5) Decorate your dining table in a fashionable manner

Food is an important element of the Eid festivities. As a result, setting the table for supper is necessary. This is the day to get out your finest china and offer delectable meals to your visitors. For an additional festive feel, utilise some classic metal plates and vintage tableware. After all, the greatest kitchenware is deserving of your Eid special biryani, sheer khurma, dried fruits, and desserts. You may also decorate your dining table with candles and flowers. To give the place a lively appearance and feel, use a traditional jug and cups.

6) Bring some flowers into your home to add a fresh fragrance

Flowers are an important part of Eid decor. It adds an unparalleled fragrance and artistic atmosphere to any environment. Display the flowers in elegant vases. You may also adorn your balcony with garlands and fairy lights to add to its richness. A wreath constructed of leaves, twigs and flowers at the entryway with an Eid greeting is also a lovely way to greet your guests. Furthermore, they are environment-friendly and have the ability to freshen up spaces in a way that no other element can.

7) Add ornamental lights, traditional wall hangings, frames and plants to your prayer room

The prayer room is one of your home’s most spiritually significant areas. It helps you connect with the almighty and creates wonderful energies into your house. So add some lovely lighting, curtains, prayer mats (also known as Mussala), and plants to your prayer area to create a peaceful and calm atmosphere. You can hang frames with surahs or Quran Shareef quotations on the wall. These are thought to spread happiness and shield you from negative energy.

8) Memory wall

The importance of walls must be considered. Hang a few Eid garlands on the major walls of the house if you don’t want to do more. You may give them a fresh look by splattering new colours on them. The use of homemade garlands with pops of colour and glitters provides a unique aspect to the wall. You may create a picture collage with your loved ones and hang it on the wall.

9) Prepare the table for the gifts

Who says gifts have to be kept in a bag? They may also be used to decorate your surroundings. Get a table and arrange gifts in a creative manner. That way, you can add another component to the mix to liven things up. The presents can be wrapped in gleaming, sparkly packaging or held in elegant bags that add a magnificent touch to the place.

10) Exceptional cutlery

Dishes are quite important. The elegantly arranged table with magnificent tableware, packed with delectable and enticing food, not only adds to the charm but also offers you a satisfying feeling.

11) Arrange the desserts

Eid’s delicious delicacies have to be the highlight of the day. They will be more tempting if they are staged in a stylish manner. Try something different and serve a gorgeously ornamented, made-to-order Eid cake to your visitors. Decorate a table with candles and lighting, then place the food you’ve cooked for the day at the centre.

12) Easy Eid DIY decorations

With some DIY Eid decor ideas, you may put your artistic and crafty skills to good use. You may build stars and crescent moons out of paper cuts and origami, thread them together, and use them as wall hangings. You may also build personalised thank-you presents for your visitors. A hand-crafted bag with a personalised Eid message and a modest gift is a wonderful idea. On the entryway unit, create a return gift corner. This is a wonderful way to express your love and gratitude to your friends and family.

Have a wonderful and safe celebration. Eid Mubarak to you and your family!

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