11 TV Wall Ideas That’s Both Practical And Stylish

Greg Stevens

A well designed TV wall can make all the difference to your movie nights (nothing beats a widescreen cinematic experience) and serve practical living needs. However, once turned off, wall-mounted TVs can sometimes look like an eyesore, especially if unsightly wires or cables are on show which ruin the aesthetics.

Luckily, there are some clever and stylish TV wall ideas to conceal or blend your TV seamlessly into your home décor scheme. For example, in this TV wall unit (pictured above from Cult Furniture) the TV on the right hand side seamlessly fits in without becoming the focal point – it’s the curated shelves which are the big feature in the living room, aided by the spotlights.

When we talk about TV wall ideas, an obvious choice is a media wall, which instead of a TV stand enables homeowners to mount their flatscreen television onto the wall to display other media, which could include speakers, gaming consoles, record players etc. Typically nowadays, a media wall is fitted above a pre-existing fireplace or with a new inset fireplace. Seek professional advice on installation, stud walls and electrics. Generally, media walls provide good storage too. It’s perfect for small living rooms, it helps to streamline and organise an area, and it’s an ideal way to maximise on vertical wall space.

‘Recessing a television within built-in cabinetry always makes for a more considered look,’ suggests Natalie Murray-Hurst, Interior Designer at Murray Hurst interiors. ‘Incorporating your TV within a unit allows the technology to blend into the room scheme, so that the TV is not the central focus of the room. If, however, you prefer the simplicity of a TV mounted onto a plain wall, ensure cables are chased into the wall.’

However, you might just want to focus on mounting your TV in front of a feature wall – wallpaper, wall mural or clever paint effect – that will add interest to your room in a cohesive way. It’s a more cost effective option too. In this case, invest in cable trunking and cable tidy boxes to hide unsightly wires.

Regardless of what TV wall idea you decide on, key considerations include the location, light or sun exposure, and if you have sufficient wall space on either side.

‘When it comes to installing TVs in projects, we are definitely installing more and using some inventive ways to conceal them,’ says Emma Deterding, Founder and Creative Director at Kelling Designs. ‘Gone are the old days when everyone wanted to hide their TVs as they were big, ugly brutes. Now, in the right place, with the right care and with so many modern, designer-led options available, they can look quite smart.’

From savvy built-in solutions to stylish backdrops, here are 10 TV wall ideas to transform your rooms.


TV wall idea 1: fireplace media wall

Placing a TV above a fireplace is often common, and this modern twist is simply stunning. The TV is placed above a contemporary fireplace, with a recessed design to display firewood. Designed in a bold blue colour this TV wall is eye-catching, and makes a real statement.

‘An in-built electric fire offers a design led choice for the discerning homeowner, who wants to combine modern looks with the latest technology,’ agrees Jon Butterworth, Director at Arada Stoves. ‘Pair with a high tech flat screen TV to complete the feature wall and achieve perfect balance within the room.’

Pictured: Ellere Electric Fire, Arada


TV wall idea 2: wooden feature wall

Natural materials such as wood can make an attractive backdrop that can detract away from your TV. A wooden feature wall adds character and brings much warmth to the room. This decorative wood design is created from eco-friendly wood panels that are designed for internal wall coverings, making the ideal feature wall.

‘Large TVs are desirable but consider the TV size in relation to the area of the feature wall. You want things to be in proportion,’ advises Gary Walmsley, Managing Director at Designer Walls. ‘Always consider your cables, often modern TVs only require power as they work on Wi-Fi – a recessed box behind the TV is very helpful when tidying up cables. If there are more cables such as HDMI etc., then a trucking in the wall is recommended.’

Pictured: Wooden Wall Panel (Latvia), Designer Walls


TV wall idea 3: Cabinetry wall

If you’re not keen on a plain TV wall or lack space for a storage cabinet, why not combine the two? Build your cabinetry around your TV to utilise storage space, and create a great-looking display wall. It’s particularly ideal for compact rooms.

‘Recessing a television within built-in cabinetry always makes for a more considered look, I also believe it creates a more homely feel than just being mounted onto a plain wall,’ agrees Natalie Murray-Hurst at Murray Hurst Interiors. ‘To blend the TV even more, go for a unit in a deep colour to mitigate the black of the screen.’

Pictured: Bespoke media unit, Murray Hurst Interiors


TV wall idea 4: Bespoke media wall unit to match your interiors

If you have a décor scheme, create a TV wall to match your room style. You can either go for a matching colour or texture to suit your interior design. This stunning TV wall successfully complements the grey tones of this formal living room. Before doing so, there are some practical elements to consider.

‘Positioning a TV on a chimney breast always presents difficulties but doesn’t have to be avoided with a little planning,’ advises Jaki Willson, Manager for Falchi Interiors. ‘There has to be enough space between the flue and the TV (in this case we allowed 15cm), the correct fire rated materials need to be used for any housing and framework and vents need to be incorporated into the design to allow for air flow.’

Pictured: Maidenhead project, Falchi Interiors


TV wall idea 5: Frame with floating furniture

Whether you have compact or cluttered spaces, use your floating furniture to frame your TV. This eye-catching design consists of strategically placed floating storage above and below the TV, creating a quirky frame.

‘Wall-mounting your TV can be a fantastic way to create an uncluttered, modern look in the home,’ says Grant Robertson, Interior Design Leader at IKEA UK and Ireland. ‘Start by deciding where you want to put the television in the room, testing out different heights and angles to find the perfect viewing experience.’

In addition, when furniture is lifted off the ground, it allows more light to filter underneath, giving the illusion of more space.

Pictured: TV & media storage, IKEA


TV wall idea 6: Modular TV Unit With Storage

This TV unit brings a modern, industrial edge to this living room thanks to its rectangular, grid-style appearance. Whilst the TV is centred, there are 10 open rectangular shelves for storing and displaying everything from books to photographs. The bottom level houses four double cupboards for keeping clutter out of sight. The TV seamlessly blends in here because the open shelving of the unit enables the grey wall to remain visible.

Pictured: Wakendale Modular TV Unit With Shelf Bridge And Low Cupboards with Additional Planter Boxes, Shelved


TV wall idea 7: Luxury suede wall

If you want to add a touch of glamour to your TV wall, add a suede backdrop. This stunning TV is encased in a plush, suede feature wall with floating shelves and an entertainment unit. ‘When encasing a TV in joinery, it’s important to ensure there is good ventilation so the unit does not get too hot,’ advises Niloufar Lamakan, Interior Designer from Nila Design.

‘I also used a suede finish wallpaper to give it a luxe look and had to make sure that the fire rating for the wallpaper was suitable.’ Ensure you check the guidance and use suitable wallpaper before encasing any electrical devices.

Pictured: Nila Design


TV wall idea 8: Create a gallery wall

Complement the TV on the wall by creating a gallery wall around it. This recessed design by Alexander James Design positions the TV in the centre of the wall with built-in display units above and below, and framed pictures on either side.

Julia Clifford at Alexander James Interiors explains: ‘Whether you are looking for a more pleasant way to hide cables or children’s toys, displaying memorabilia or your favourite keepsakes – a media wall can add a touch of elegance to what has previously felt like a bit of an eyesore.’

In addition, a gallery wall allows you to swap over your favourite pictures or artwork at any time.

Pictured: Alexander James Interiors


TV wall idea 9: Disguise behind a fabric roller blind

If you want your TV to be discreet, you can hide it behind a vibrant roller blind. This elegant solution to concealing a Drawing Room television screen was designed by Sarah Wodehouse from Decibel Designs. The roller blind was made from a hand dyed and woven ikat commissioned from textile designer Ptolemy Mann.

‘The blind fabric needed to be a suitable weight and structure to be able to be laminated,’ shares Sarah. ‘The minimum number of controls is desirable so with one touch the blind rolls out of sight and the television tilts forward, ready for selecting a channel.’ A creative and more aesthetic TV wall design – so you won’t even know it’s there!

Pictured: Decibel Designs


TV wall idea 10: Custom-built TV wall

If you want to keep your walls clean and untouched, create a custom-built TV wall instead. Such walls are more versatile and can be located anywhere in your space, with the right planning. In addition, you can customise with built-in storage, speakers or stylish LED lighting.

‘If planned early enough into your design, plug sockets and aerial inputs can be fitted to be in a position where they will be hidden behind the TV,’ suggests Emma Deterding, Founder and Creative Director at Kelling Designs. ‘This can also be achieved using custom-built joinery too, with shelving being created either side of where the TV will go, and all the cables running behind the finished front.’

Pictured: Kelling Designs


TV wall idea 11: Mirror, Mirror

For those who would rather have mirrors above their fireplaces, TV mirrors are practical solutions. Once turned off, bespoke TV mirrors offer a clever way of concealing tech with interior décor. This way, the focus will be more on the décor style than the tech. This TV mirror solution designed by Peter Staunton Design Studio blends seamlessly into this elegant living room, without compromising on décor style.

Pictured: Peter Staunton Design Studio.

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