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Beautiful flowers are special anywhere in the world. There are hundreds of thousands of  types of flowers in a splash of colors. Some flowers can be eaten or used for medicinal and healing purposes more than just being ornamental. Either way, they positively affect us, make our gardens pretty, and are excellent gifts. If you are a budding gardener, or simply thinking of giving them as a gift, let our list of the 15 most beautiful flowers in the world do the talking.

Top 15 most beautiful flowers in the world that made our list

Top 15 most beautiful flowers in the world that made our list

1. Rose

The rose is quintessentially the most popular and most beautiful flower globally. It is the national flower of America. With their red petals, they symbolize romance, beauty, and love.

French in origin and comes from Latin rosa, a term of endearment. It has delicate petals and a lingering fresh scent; they are often made into wedding bouquets and given as unique gifts.

This flower has over 50 varieties, and a wide color range from the red rose color to pink, white, peach, orange, purple, and even green. The yellow rose is a favorite among ladies. Rose breeders have cultivated pure blue-colored roses and delightful bi-colored combinations.

Caring for this flower

Roses grow well in warm climates but can adapt to cold weather conditions. Plant them in loose, well-draining soil, in a sunny area, and with adequate water and occasional fertilizer.

Fun Facts:

  • These flowers have vitamin C and other minerals. Want to liven your salad? Add rose petals and even make jams and marmalades.
  • It took 15 years to produce the most expensive rose in the world, “Juliet Rose,” introduced by David Austin. This rose cultivar is around $5 million.

2. Bird of Paradise

Exotic is the best word to describe a Bird of Paradise. This tropical plant is characterized and produces unique flowers in orange, red, yellow, and blue. Its pointed petals and orange-colored sepals resemble a forest bird with long banana-shaped glossy leaves. The Bird of Paradise can grow up between 3-and 5 feet. It is scientifically classified as Strelitzia Nicolai and has five species.

Caring for this flower

The Bird of Paradise can be grown indoors and outdoors with relatively low maintenance and is easy to grow. Plant this flowering plant in well-draining soil with sufficient water and a sunny location. The soil should always be moist but do not overwater it. They can flower 35 times all year round.

Fun Facts:

  • This beautiful flower is also referred to as crave flower
  • Interestingly, the Bird of Paradise plant can easily pass as a banana plant without the blossom. These two are almost alike.

3. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are gorgeous and symbolize spring. This beautiful flower is the official flower of Japan.

These tiny flowers come in different light pink, dark pink, or white shades. They are ornamental cherry trees.

In 1912, Japan sent over 3,000 cherry trees as a gift of friendship to the US. The friendship ties are commemorated yearly in the National Cherry Blossom Festival in DC.
During the springtime, cherry blossoms can be seen in parks and public gardens in Boston, Nashville, New York City, Missouri, Georgia, and other areas.

Caring for this flower

One of the best flowers in the world, it grows well in colder climates. With proper care, this beautiful flower will produce blooms abundantly. The cherry blossom flower plant thrives in well-draining soil with adequate sunlight and water. The flower opens only in spring.

Fun Facts:

  • The cherry blossom has a solid link to Japanese culture. Since the flowers only last for two weeks, having a picnic under the trees is a Japanese tradition. Japanese people can enjoy their favorite alcoholic drinks and food at night while under the tree. This practice is called “Hanami.”
  • They have soft petals, and leaves are ideal for soothing tea. The blossoms add a pleasant flavor to Japanese sweets and Japanese ice cream.

4. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are always a crowd-pleaser with their big pom flowers and green foliage. These flowers give a comforting presence in a lot of homes across America. Its long-lasting blooms are still very charming. Their colors range from white to pink, blue, purple, and Fuschia. Hydrangeas represent grace and beauty and will make your garden more attractive.

Caring for this flower

They grow best in mild weather, are considered hardy plants, and are resistant to most pests and diseases. Moreover, they are easy to flourish on the ground and even in pots with ample water, the right weather conditions, the occasional fertilizer, and plenty of love.

Fun Facts:

  • Hydrangeas changing color is not a magic trick; somewhat, it is affected by the flower’s age and time of day. Shades are lighter during summer, and as cooler nights approach, colors turn red or purple.

5. Chrysanthemum


Chrysanthemums are well-liked autumn flowers in vibrant colors of yellow, orange, red, white, or purple that instantly brighten your day. Their yellow flowers are easily recognized. This plant can easily be named the prettiest flower. The flower is like a daisy with its single layer of petals surrounding a small button. The button at the center is different from the petals. Popular varieties have multi-layered petals, giving them a sweet, charming ruffled look.

Caring for this flower

They are common flowers and bloom in most seasons. They will quickly grow in well-draining soil and with adequate sunlight. Make sure also that your garden has good air circulation and drainage.

Fun Facts:

  • These beautiful flowers originated from China, dating back more than 3,000 years ago, are said to represent life and rebirth, and have hundreds of varieties.
  • Its flower petals are perfect for a relaxing cup of tea, while its leaves make a refreshing salad. Try some!

6. Gardenia

One of the most beautiful flowers on this list is Gardenia. If flowers speak the language of love, gardenias express love in their white petals, green leaves, and fragrant scent. Many brides choose gardenias to symbolize purity, peace, and harmony for their wedding bouquets. In addition, these elegant flowers evoke quiet sophistication. Homeowners love to feature these sweet-smelling blooms for interior decoration and give them as gifts to loved ones. They can last for more than a week.

These evergreen shrubs are known for their delicate flowers. Typically, these quintessential flowers are predominantly white but could also have a pale yellow color. They are indigenous to subtropical and tropical regions of South Africa, Australia, and Asia. Some varieties grow from 2 feet to as high as 12 feet, and flowers bloom for an extended period.

Caring for this flower

Caring for gardenia is easy. You can plant it near a window and smell its refreshing scent. These flowers grow well and have many blooms in well-drained soil, with enough water and sunlight. Keep the soil moist but don’t overwater. If this happens, buds will not bloom.

Fun Facts:

  • The gardenia got its name from Alexander Garden, a physician from Charleston, South Carolina.
  • This flower is also called “Cape Jasmine.”

7. Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies are trumpet-shaped blooms and come in vibrant shades of white, pink, purple, red, and yellow. Initially, these flowers flourished in areas in the Mediterranean Sea. They are not aquatic flowers.

Calla Lillies make beautiful stunning bouquets for brides and breathtaking floral centerpieces. They are also excellent cut flowers to adorn your home and last for two weeks.

Like the lotus flower, many people believe that the Calla Lily is a sacred flower representing resurrection and rebirth. These unique flowers are often featured in Easter celebrations and are a traditional choice for sympathy-related events.

Caring for this flower

Growing these perennial beauties in your garden is easy. Make sure that they are watered well and have sufficient sunlight. The calla lily can grow up to two feet high with the occasional fertilizer. You can plant them in pots too. Just make sure to keep them moist and free from weeds.

Fun Facts:

  • Calla in Greek means’ elegance.’
  • These extraordinary flowers are synonymous with purity, faith, fidelity, and elegance.

8. Carnation

The carnation traces its Greek origins. Its scientific name “Dianthus” “Dios” means god Zeus and “anthos” means flower. These fascinating blooms are referred to as “flowers of God” They can be in various shades from pink, red, Fuschia, purple, and blue.

They have multi-layered petals. Large blooms can grow over twenty inches high Their wide range of colors makes them the perfect versatile cut flowers for floral arrangements for different occasions. These dainty flowers are the primary blooms in bouquets and corsages with their diverse color range.

Caring for this flower

Most homes want these colorful flowering plants. Carnations grow well in well-draining soil and ample sunlight; their flowers bloom all year round.

Fun Facts:

  • Its pink flower became a national symbol for Mother’s Day
  • These flowers are edible and are used in salads, steeped in wine, and brewed as a tea.

9. Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera daisy is another popular flower and part of the sunflower family. These brightly-colored blooms symbolize purity and innocence in pink, orange, yellow, salmon, and red colors.

This lovely flower points to its discovery in South Africa in 1884. It found its new home in England. The flower’s immense popularity reached the Netherlands. Moreover, the Netherlands became one of the major distributors in the world. Brides adore these classic blooms.

Caring for this flower

These lovely and most beautiful flowers are easy to manage in the garden. Plant Gerberas in well-draining soil, and give them ample water and enough sunlight. Doing these simple tips will result in gorgeous flowers soon.

Fun Facts

  • Who named the flower Gerbera? Traugott Gerber was a botanist and physician from the 1700s.
  • Gerbera doesn’t have a blue shade. If you see blue ones, they are artificial colors.

10. Orchids

The Orchid belongs to the second largest flowering plant family, with 26,000 species worldwide. It is the national flower of Singapore. The orchid has outstanding and unique features such as three petals, three sepals, a single lip called the labellum, and a tube structure at its center. Also, Miltonia venus slipper, vanilla, and tiger varieties are some of their popular types.

Caring for this flower

To care for this exotic flower, plant it in well-draining soil and have sufficient water and sunlight.

Fun Facts:

  • Orchid is used in perfumes, aromatherapy, and baking.
  • The tiger orchid native to Indonesia holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for the world’s tallest orchid, measuring 25 feet.

11. Tulips


Tulips are famous worldwide and became especially popular in the Netherlands, often featured in Dutch paintings. They are one of Europe’s most beautiful flowers. Each Tulip plant has only one flower. Every flower can be seen in striking light pink, yellow, red, purple, orange, and white shades.

They are popular flowers as they exude freshness and elegance. Its bell shape and ruffled petals with color highlights give this flower a distinct character. In addition, flowers play a sweet role in a wedding; it is the ideal flower for a gorgeous bridal bouquet.

Caring for this flower

Plant these beautiful flowers in rich-draining soil in a sunny location. Also, never overwater. These perennials bloom in early spring.

Fun Facts:

  • Their petals are edible. Some use the petals as onions and garnish salads. However, the stalks are not edible.
  • During “Tulip Mania” (1634-1637), tulips were one of the most sought-after flowers in the world. This flower was costly during that period.

12. Sunflower

One of the most amazing flowers on this planet is the Sunflower. Its Greek name “helios’ means sun and “anthos,” meaning flower. The Sunflowers have originated in the Americas and have around 70 species. They can also easily pass as a gazania or a treasure flower.

Although famous for its yellow flowers, this most beautiful flower also comes in vibrant colors of copper, red, brown, orange, and bi-colored hues. They make excellent ornamental flower stands.

Caring for this flower

Flower lovers love to care for this plant. They grow well in full sun, moist, and well-drained soil. Moreover, they produce over 1 meter in diameter and as high as 5 -10 feet tall.

Fun Facts:

  • Have you heard of Sunflower butter? That’s the peanut butter alternative. In addition, Sunflower seeds are a tasty snack. You can also use Sunflower oil for baking and cosmetics.
  • Germany has the tallest Sunflower.

13. Dahlia


This extraordinary flower is probably the most celebrated bloom in floral competitions and weddings across America. In addition, they are instant crowd favorites.

These pretty flowers grow as big as dinner plates and come in vivid shades of red, yellow, peach, lavender, orange, white, yellow, pink, and bi-color combinations. With around 20,000 species and cultivars, most types can grow four to five feet tall.

Caring for this flower

Dahlia flowers are easy to grow, unlike other flowers. These beautiful flowers will quickly multiply with well-draining soil, ample water, and sunshine. A lot of flower lovers like to plant them in pots.

Fun Facts:

Interestingly, dahlia flowers were named after an 18th-century Swedish botanist, Anders Dahl.
In 1963, this flower became the national flower of Mexico.

14. Stargazer

Stargazer lilies are beautiful hybrid lilies with a sweet fragrance and are attractive to butterflies. They have large white and pink delicate petals and appear like ‘gazing upwards’ towards the sky. Also, these beautiful flowers can grow up to 6-12 inches in diameter and 36 inches with 2 to 8 blooms per stem.

Caring for this flower

This plant proliferates quickly in well-draining soil with adequate water and sunlight.
In addition, the soil must be moist. You can easily plant it in pots too.

Fun Facts:

Californian plant breeder Leslie Woodriff created this stargazer lily in 1974 and called the flower “Stargazer’.
Also, they are toxic to cats. Keep them away.

15. Water Lily

Water Lily

The water lily is one of the most beautiful flowers around. Like lotus flowers, they symbolize rebirth and enlightenment and, to some, represent love, harmony, and happiness.

Unlike other flowers, this aquatic plant popularly has white and light pink flowers with a pleasant fragrance. Water lilies are symmetrical. Like the tulip, only one flower blooms. Each cuplike flower contains more petals compared to other flowering plants. This aquatic plant has a total of around 70 species. They also have vivid shades of blue and yellow.

Caring for this flower

Taking care of these lovely aquatic flowers is manageable. Ideally, these flowers grow in shallow, freshwater ecosystems, but they can grow in pots too. If grown in pots, use well-draining soil with adequate water and a sunny location.

You don’t need a pond to grow them. Ensure that you have a good-sized aquatic planter and enough water and sunlight. According to experts, you should plant water lilies in spring, whether they are hardy or tropical types.

Fun Facts:

  • The giant water lily is called Victoria Amazonica and is 3 meters in diameter. Legend has it that a young girl became one of these attractive water lilies.
  • This pretty flower is the national flower of Bangladesh.


The beauty of each flower lies in the appreciative eyes of the beholder. Every flower has impressive features that delight our senses. This mini-guide features different types of flowers that are individually breathtaking. Every flower has remarkable features that delight our senses. Whether you want these beautiful flowers to be an elegant bouquet, in a lavish floral arrangement as a gift, or in your garden, these flowering plants will never fail to make us smile.

Take a break: It’s time to smell the flowers.


How many types of flowers are around the world?

There are approximately 400,000 species of flowers identified as of 2010. Each flower has unique qualities. With so many types available, there is one that would catch your interest.

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