Jeremy Rhoden: Gardening in the winter

Greg Stevens
Though it’s getting colder, you can still have flower beds full of color and tasty vegetables thriving in your garden.

Wintertime is typically an unfavorable time of year for most gardeners, but have no anxiety, there are quite a couple vegetation that get pleasure from colder temperature and can even endure freezing temperatures. While it is finding colder, you can however have flower beds comprehensive of color and tasty greens thriving in your garden. 

Let us begin off with speaking about annuals. Pansies, snapdragons, petunias, violets and diascia are just a couple illustrations of annuals that get pleasure from cooler temperatures and will face up to freezing temperatures. In addition, ornamental cabbages, Swiss chard and kales will accomplish superbly in flower beds and landscapes, and can present lively colors during. 

Guarantee that your annuals are put in complete-sunlight places and be knowledgeable that this site may perhaps be various than in the summer months thanks to the lessen winter sunshine. For extra information on developing annuals in Florida, pay a visit to

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