Is it worth using cheap wine glasses?

Greg Stevens

When purchasing wine glasses, it is important to look at size and shape, as this affects the taste of the wine. There are many cheap wine glasses the UK offers; however, one needs to ensure their shape or material will be good for the variety of wines. So it is important to pay close attention when selecting wine glass varieties from retailers.

What are the advantages of using cheap wine glasses?

A huge advantage of using a cheaper wine glass is that one will save money. In addition to that, because the glasses are more affordable, one can buy more different types of wine glasses. For example, one can buy glasses shaped for red wine, white wine and perhaps even some champagne flutes. Furthermore, one will worry less about possibly breaking them or guests breaking them by mistake, as they are cheap to replace. In turn, this will allow one to completely unwind and relax even if they are holding a glass of wine.

What are the disadvantages of using cheap wine glasses?

A huge disadvantage of using a cheaper wine glass is that the shape of the wine glass may not be suited to the specific type of wine,  as not much care was taken when creating it. As mentioned above, the shape of the glass is crucial as it affects the wine’s overall taste and aroma. Apart from that, if it is not made of smooth glass, the ridges or rough glass will cause an increase in oxidation, and that will alter the taste of the wine. In addition, the cheaper wine glasses, depending on what material it is made from, will look worn out after a few uses. It is not designed to be durable and last long, so its overall look may deteriorate.

Alternative options for glass wine glasses.

If one is purchasing more expensive wine glasses, they will be made of glass or crystal glass. Crystal glass is more elite and costs more than regular glass. Alternatively, there are cheaper alternatives which are often made from acrylic. It is a hard plastic that imitates the look of glass. Because of this type of material, the glass is very light and ideal to use at large functions and parties. However, it is not suitable for continual use at home because the acrylic is not as durable and will show scratches and marks from general wear and tear after a few uses. Metal wine glasses have grown in demand because it is the most durable material to make a wine glass from. Should the glass be made of food-grade stainless steel, it means that the flavour and aroma of the wine will not be affected.

Choose what works best for you!

It boils down to preference, taste and what one can afford. A middle ground is to start with cheap glasses and slowly save some money to purchase more expensive ones. However, if you prefer more affordable wine glasses, do what works for you and your family’s needs.

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