How to get rid of raccoons: humane, expert methods, plus smells they hate

Greg Stevens

Visits from raccoons are a nightly prevalence for lots of of us, and though they are adorable-wanting, assuming you ever get to place them, they can be hell to dwell along with, noisily upending trash cans in the search for food items, wreaking havoc in the backyard, ruining the garden, irritating animals, consuming food stuff you go away out for backyard garden birds, producing off with domestic chickens, and even detrimental the cloth of your dwelling. 

If these symptoms usually are not sufficient of a clue that you have an infestation, you may spot their tracks on damp floor or their dark-colored, cylindrical-formed droppings. And you may have been woken by their nightly noises, which in turn will have no doubt woken your pet, and maybe the total neighborhood. 

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