GARDENING: There’s a nice bit of stretch

Greg Stevens


THE days are presently starting to stretch out a little bit and birds have begun to sing as if it is a handful of weeks afterwards on in the year. We may well have experienced much more rain than we seriously wanted and soil is wetter than we could like, but there is unquestionably a feeling that the back garden is contacting and one particular or two positions on a good day may possibly be just what an energetic gardener needs.

Try not to stroll on really wet soil or lawns if you can assist it. You can usually lay down a board to stand on or do a work that can be finished in damp conditions. Washing down the polythene on your polytunnel or glass in a greenhouse is a very good point to tackle at this time of year. Every thing appears to be like improved with a layer of grime taken out and plants will get much more gentle.

Rising daffodils

Bulbs planted in pots and containers are presently pushing up inexperienced shoots. Bear this in head if you have bulbs planted in regions of grass and get a glance if some of the eco-friendly is down to younger daffodil shoots. Do not stroll on these locations until you can pick your way concerning clumps of developing bulbs. If you squash or split young shoots then you won’t get a excellent display screen of flowers. Throw a couple of twiggy branches over the leading if puppies are a issue – the moment clumps expand greater the branches can be taken off.

Make a observe of where the earliest flowering versions are planted. These could now have flower buds. Stems will maintain expanding and bouquets will open up ahead of much too extensive. Plenty of leaves will give some assist for slender stems, but you may possibly want to safeguard extensive stemmed kinds from potent winds.

Wintertime greens

Out of doors plants took a bit of a battering involving the sub-zero temperatures last yr followed by tons of rain. Lots of will recuperate and put on a spurt when points warm up a little bit.

Vegetation beneath go over in a polytunnel or greenhouse are safeguarded from the worst of the weather. Keep an eye out for moulds and take out any influenced leaves to continue to keep the issue below regulate. Open up doors on any fine day to allow a bit of air blow by means of. A little bit of air flow, even in winter, will help to keep moulds under command.

You can retain harvesting from plants in the polytunnel. There must be tons of salad leaves of different kinds if you sowed a superior range in late summer and early autumn. If you forgot to do this, you can sow some far more in February for some spring pickings. Decide on a few leaves from every single plant and really don’t strip any just one as well hard.

Make a seed record

Get out your box of seed packets and get started to sort as a result of. Examine the dates that seed can be utilised by and make a list of what you have to have to exchange. Then take a glimpse at how many seeds are still left in a packet and really do not think you have a lot.

It’s a superior plan to toss out vacant packets but make a notice of any varieties that did specifically effectively for you initially. It’s often worthy of repeating prosperous types even if distinctive climate ailments each and every yr could possibly give some distinctive benefits.

Backyard shops must be stocking up with seeds really quickly. If you just can’t hold out for that, then take a glimpse online and get what you want from some great Irish suppliers.

Swiss Chard

I often grow Swiss Chard in the polytunnel, despite the fact that it does grow nicely outdoor. Plants are cleaner and a lot less battered below include and the period can be stretched a minor with some additional security. White stemmed varieties mature strongly with thicker stems, but the rainbow types provide a pretty mix of pink, pink, yellow and white by way of the winter and into spring.

If you adore this vegetable, then you can sow seed from late February until eventually April for late spring and summer season use.


We have not had any true gales this winter season but there may possibly be some nevertheless to appear. Just take a fantastic look around the backyard and think what may perhaps go through if we get some robust gusts. Fat items down and change ties if desired – jute string rots after a number of months outdoor.

This is also a very good time to restore any destroyed backyard garden household furniture. Sand, and oil or varnish, any wood benches, tables and chairs. Lifetime can get far too active to healthy this occupation in later on, so crystal clear place in a lose or wait for a fine day to do some outside home furniture care.

And if the mower desires a services, both do this you just before the mowing year starts up in earnest, or e-book it in for some treatment and focus with a appropriate assistance agent. Locations that provide mowers can ordinarily recommend somebody.

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