20 haunting decorations to make your house look scary

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Which Halloween decorations are best?

Spooky season is right around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to transform your home into. You can go with a classic design such as a haunted graveyard or a spider’s nest, or you can go in the opposite decoration and choose something lesser known. Whatever you decide, remember that creative application of discount decor is just as effective as expensive and detailed decorations.

What to know before you buy Halloween decorations

Indoor vs. outdoor Halloween decorations

Most Halloween decorations are meant for use inside or outside, though some can be used in both cases. Examples of indoor decorations include lights that aren’t weatherproof, wall stickies and mantel decorations. Examples of outdoor decorations include weatherproof lights, faux spiderwebs and lawn ornaments.

Halloween vs. fall decorations

Decorations for the Halloween time of year usually stick to a Halloween theme. This means imagery such as witches, undead monsters and plenty of bats. But many don’t celebrate or observe Halloween and still want to get in the spirit of the season. For them, there are decorations involving maple leaves, pumpkins and turkeys to get ahead of the Thanksgiving curve.

The best indoor Halloween decorations to buy

Best Amandir Maple String Lights

Amandir Maple String Lights

This comes with two 20-foot strings that contain 40 LED maple leaf lights each. The leaves come in all orange or half orange and half red. They’re perfect for setting a spooky fall atmosphere without being cliche.

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Best Dromance Flameless Flickering Candles

Dromance Flameless Flickering Candles

This set of three LED candles comes in three collections, runs on AAA batteries and has a timer to shut them off after six hours. They’re made of wax instead of plastic for a more authentic look.

Sold by Amazon

Best GenSwin Halloween Flameless Candles

GenSwin Halloween Flameless Candles

This set of six candles can change between 12 colors via a remote that can also set a four- or eight-hour auto-off timer. Each candle has a unique skull face design and each can be set to its own color.

Sold by Amazon

Best Oriental Cherry Floating Candles

Oriental Cherry Floating Candles

This set of 12 candles comes with transparent hooks and thin, clear strings to project the illusion of floating. A remote is included so you don’t have to keep taking them down and putting them back up.

Sold by Amazon

Best Duaiai Halloween Portraits

Duaiai Halloween Portraits

There are five collections of portraits to choose from, some of which are 3D and change from normal to scary as you move, while others are static and scary. Some sets include 12, while others include six.

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Best Lansian Halloween 3D Changing Pictures

Lansian Halloween 3D Changing Pictures

These pictures change as you walk to spook your unsuspecting guests. There are four sets, three of which include three pictures, while the fourth includes six pictures.

Sold by Amazon

Best Biubee Halloween Creepy Cloth

Biubee Halloween Creepy Cloth

This set of creepy cloth is perfect for adding an air of spookiness to anything in your home. It comes in black, white, a mix of black and white and bloodstained white.

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Best Dazonge Indoor Halloween Decorations

Dazonge Indoor Halloween Decorations

This set includes 41 pieces of various spooktastic decorations including bats, several types of cloth and all-black flowers. The pieces are tough enough to be reused for next year, barring an accident.

Sold by Amazon

Best Plbag 3D Bats

Plbag 3D Bats

This set includes a massive 96 bats. There are 16 smalls, 48 mediums, 16 larges and 16 extra-larges. The sticky stuff included to apply them doesn’t leave a residue behind and is easy to peel off come season’s end.

Sold by Amazon

Best Kkeatoy Halloween Gnome Decorations

Kkeatoy Halloween Gnome Decorations

This set of four elf-on-a-shelf-like gnomes are perfect for decorating with your children while they’re young enough to be scared by spookier goods. Two have no legs and two have long legs.

Sold by Amazon

The best outdoor Halloween decorations to buy

Best Dazonge Front Porch Banners

Dazonge Front Porch Banners

This comes with two banners to frame your door. There are four sets to choose from: two are generic fall-themed and two are Halloween-themed. They measure 70 inches by 13 inches.

Sold by Amazon

Best Joyin Bendable Tree Wrap Ghosts

Joyin Bendable Tree Wrap Ghosts

The ways this two-pack of bendy ghosts can be employed is limited only to your imagination, and buying multiple sets can open up even more terror-ific options. They’re weatherproof so there’s no need to take them down before a storm.

Sold by Amazon

Best Joyin Groundbreaker Zombie

Joyin Groundbreaker Zombie

This motion-activated zombie is a great candidate for hiding near your door, as its lights and sounds are sure to catch the unsuspecting off guard. It runs on three AAA batteries.

Sold by Amazon

Best Kkeatoy Graveyard Tombstones

Kkeatoy Graveyard Tombstones

There are three sets of these tombstones to choose from. Two have five stones and a black cat and one has only five stones. All three sets include stakes to keep them in place.

Sold by Amazon

Best Zcaukya Hanging Mummy

Zcaukya Hanging Mummy

Grab a few of these motion-activated mummies and no child will dare approach your door come Halloween night. The eyes glow, the mummy moans and it comes with 20 mini spiders you can deploy as you please.

Sold by Amazon

Best Zpisf Spider Webs

Zpisf Spider Webs

This comes with 900 square feet of webbing and 30 spiders so you can turn your yard into an arachnophobe’s living nightmare. It’s easy to stretch without tearing.

Sold by Amazon

Best Bet Sizonjoy Giant Light-Up Spider

Sizonjoy Giant Light-Up Spider

What better topper to your yard of webbing than this giant light-up spider? The legs can be bent as you please and a loop on its back lets you hang it from the air.

Sold by Amazon

Best Eambrite String Lights With Spooky Music Motion Sensor

Eambrite String Lights With Spooky Music Motion Sensor

The string is 82 feet long and has 200 lights. The music box can detect motion up to 26 feet away and at a 150-degree angle for a total coverage of 885 square feet.

Sold by Amazon

Best Funpeny Hanging Witch Hat String Lights

Funpeny Hanging Witch Hat String Lights

There are eight hats on the string that alternate between orange and purple. There are 10 brightness levels and eight lighting modes. It can be set to turn off automatically after six or 18 hours.

Sold by Amazon

Best Kyekio Halloween LED Tiki Torches

Kyekio Halloween LED Tiki Torches

This 12-pack of torches glow and flicker with purple faux-flame and are 20.6 inches from tip to tip. The spike is roughly 5 inches long, so the torches peak up roughly 15 inches from the ground.

Sold by Amazon


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